A Couple shoot makes your dreams into a reality. We would all want our dreams to become a reality in our special day similar to a movie song.

Here are the reasons why you need to go for a Couple shoot:

  1. Creating a Day for yourselves:

We are so much busy in our daily lives that we fail to give quality time to our dear ones. A Couple shoot gets you closer, all the shyness vanishes away giving you more space to explore.

  1. With Couple and Nature:

Outdoor shoots gives you ample amount of time to create a bond with each other because you are not distracted by the outside world. You can sense that the bonding grows with each other and our lens capture them with utmost precision.

  1. Create a love story the way you want:

You can create the best love story captured by your fabulous dresses, beautiful locations and we are there to capture your love story with our artistic creative lens. You can create a memory on how you both would live together beyond and forever by sharing your personal space with each other. Eg: Dogs, Cats, Bikes, Cars, etc.

  1. Break barriers by knowing your photographer:

A great chance to know your photographer and this in turn also helps the photographer to know your style and liking.

  1. Live social media updates:

You can share instantly with your family and friends that makes you feel good about yourselves.

  1. Eliminate Fear of Cameras:

The fear of Cameras can be eradicated once and for all. You both can gel instantly post a couple shoot. The chemistry would blossom like a flower.

  1. Use the photos in your Reception:

You can display your photos in the reception and Wedding Cards.


Invest wisely, be smart, and opt for couple photo shoots to get the best Wedding Photography experience along with your desired output.

If you still have questions, write to us at hashtagphotographyindia@gmail.com